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"My Grocer" Poetry Worksheet
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To market, to market, to buy a plum cake
    (Butter, and sugar, and tea)!
What!? Two pence a pound? Oh, you've made a mistake.
    That's far too expensive for me.
I have brought my poor little dolly with me,
    And come such a very long way.
I'm sure we're as tired as tired can be;
    'Tis most disappointing, I say.

Oh, ma'am! I assure you our goods are the best
    (Butter, and sugar, and tea)!
Why, old Mrs. Doggie buys tea by the chest,
    And all her brown sugar from me!
But I know, ma'am, how sadly you need your plum cake,
    And you've come such a very long way;
So a little reduction, for once, I will make,
    And charge you--just nothing, today.

"My Grocer" Poetry Worksheet for Children - Free to print (PDF file).
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