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The Mysteries of Anatomy
Free Printable Handout for Teachers & Students - Scroll Down to Print (PDF) - Poetry - Poems for Children
Where can a man buy a cap for his knee,
Or a key for a lock of his hair?
Can his eyes be called an academy
Because there are pupils there?

In the crown of his head, what gems are set?
Who travels the bridge of his nose?
Can he use, when shingling the roof of his mouth,
The nails on the ends of his toes?
What does he raise from a slip of his tongue?
And who beats the drums of his ears?
And who can tell the cut and the style
Of the coat his stomach wears?

Can the crooks of his elbows be sent to jail?
And, if so, what did they do?
How does he sharpen his shoulder blades?
I'll be darned if I know. Do you?
The Mysteries of Anatomy - Printable Poem for Kids

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Click here to print (PDF). This old American folk rhyme is very popular with children. For more of our free poems for children and supplementary worksheets, click here.

This poem works wonderfully for helping young kids know (and spell) parts of the human body. Once they've read and understood the poem, try having them play the free interactive Gap Text quiz game below.
The Mysteries of Anatomy - Online Gap Text Quiz