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Toby's Dinner Poem Worksheet
Free Printable Worksheet - Scroll Down to Print (PDF File) - Texts > Poetry > Poems for Children
Toby's Dinner Poem Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file). For kindergarten and first grade.
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Toby's Dinner - If you please, my little master, you have quite forgotten me; don't you know that I am hungry, hungry as a dog can be? All the morning we've been playing in the garden, I and you; you have eaten all your dinner, what will hungry Toby do? Merrily laughed Toby's master, "I forgot you quite," he owns; "Come with me, and we'll together see if we can't find some bones!" Off they scampered to the kitchen, on a plate, beneath a chair, there is Toby's dinner waiting, waiting to be eaten there.

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