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A Wonderful Ride Short Story Workbook
A Wonderful Ride Short Story Workbook - Free to print (PDF file). For grades 2-4.
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Cecil and Gertrude were two famous riders; they hardly ever tumbled off; they understood their horses and donkeys, and their horses and donkeys understood them, and never kicked; for the fact was, they were made of wood, and ran on wheels.

Cecil and Gertrude used to play all sorts of games with their horses.

Now, one summer's day they went simply wild with excitement, for they were going to stay at the seaside.

At last the time came, and they found themselves by the beautiful sea, and with real live donkeys on the sands.

Gertrude was the first to get on a donkey's back--a very nice donkey, she thought, but rather a naughty donkey, as he turned out.

Whether he had had no breakfast that morning, or whether he was greedy, I don't know. But I do know this, he ran away...

This printable three-page workbook contains the complete illustrated text (Edric Vredenburg, 1912), along with questions and activities.

For grades two through four.

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