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Age of Exploration Printable Flashcards
SHEET ONE: 1. What Spaniard conquered Peru in 1533? Pizarro. 2. Who was the first European to sail to the West Indies, in 1492? Columbus. 3. Whose crew circumnavigated the globe between 1519 and 1522? Magellan’s. 4. What Portuguese explorer reached Africa’s southern tip in 1488? Diaz. 5. What Spaniard conquered Mexico in 1519? Cortez. 6. What Portuguese explorer reached India by sailing around Africa in 1498? Da Gama. 7. Who was the first Spaniard to travel to what is now Florida, in 1513? Ponce de Leon. 8. What Portuguese explorer reached Brazil in 1500? Cabral. 9. Who was the first Spaniard to sail the Pacific Ocean, in 1513? Balboa. 10. The Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) is known as what in North America? The French and Indian War.
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Each sheet has ten questions. Click to print: Page 1 - Page 2. For more of our free educational materials on the European Age of Exploration, click here. For our free printable game board (with instructions) to use with these study cards, click here.
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