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Age of Reaction Books and Films
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World History > Reactionary Period in Europe > Age of Reaction Books and Films
  Les Miserables (2012)                  
  Les Miserables (2012)                  
Documentaries and films can be powerful tools for high school World History students studying the Age of Reaction in nineteenth-century Europe. They provide visual and narrative context that can make the era more engaging and comprehensible.

Metternich: The Conservative Statesman - This documentary delves into the life and influence of Klemens von Metternich, highlighting his role in the Congress of Vienna and his efforts to maintain a balance of power in Europe.

The Congress of Vienna - A detailed exploration of the Congress of Vienna, showcasing the diplomatic negotiations and political maneuvers that shaped post-Napoleonic Europe.

The Age of Revolution and Reaction - This film covers the broader context of the early 19th century, juxtaposing revolutionary movements with conservative reactions, providing a balanced view of the era.

Napoleon and Europe - A series that examines Napoleon's impact on Europe and the subsequent efforts to restore order, including Metternich's policies and the conservative backlash.

War and Peace (1956 or 2016 adaptations) - Based on Leo Tolstoy's novel, this film provides a dramatic portrayal of Russian society during the Napoleonic Wars and the restoration period, offering insights into the broader European context.

The Rise and Fall of the House of Habsburg - This documentary traces the history of the Habsburg dynasty, including Metternich's tenure, providing a deeper understanding of Austria's role in European politics.

These visual resources can enhance students' understanding of the Age of Reaction by bringing historical events and figures to life, complementing traditional textbook learning with engaging and informative content.
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World History > Reactionary Period in Europe > Age of Reaction Books and Films