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Early Chinese Civilization Cryptogram Worksheet
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Early Chinese Civilization - Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
Early Chinese Civilization Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file). For high school World History-Global Studies.
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DBQ - The Old Red Sandstone by Hugh Miller, 1841
1. The 25-1-14-7-20-26-5   18-9-22-5-18, also known as the Chang Jiang, flows into the East China Sea.
2. The 8-21-1-14-7   8-5 is also called the Yellow River because of the color of its silt.
3. Chinese tradition holds that China's first dynasty, the 24-9-1, was led by a man called Yu.
4. The ancient Chinese referred to their nation as the 13-9-4-4-12-5   11-9-14-7-4-15-13.
5. The Chinese believed in respecting and honoring one's  1-14-3-5-19-20-15-18-19.
6. Priests used 15-18-1-3-12-5   2-15-14-5-19 to ask the gods questions.
7. The 19-8-1-14-7 dynasty (1700-1027 BCE) was the first Chinese dynasty to leave written records.
8. The 26-8-15-21 dynasty came to power in China in 1027 BCE.
9. The 13-1-14-4-1-20-5   15-6   8-5-1-22-5-14 is the belief that the right to rule comes from heaven, and that unfortunate events can be a sign that the gods are displeased with a ruler.
10. The 4-25-14-1-19-20-9-3   3-25-3-12-5 is the pattern of dynasties coming to power, falling into decline, and eventually being replaced.
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