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Pharaoh Ramses II of Egypt
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Pharaoh Ramses (or Ramesses or Rameses) II, or the Great, of ancient Egypt.

Black granite head now at Turin.

The shepherd's crook and the asp or cobra on the headdress are emblems of authority.

Ramses II was born around 1303 B.C.E., and died during summer of 1213 B.C.E. (in July or August).

He reigned from 1279 until 1213 B.C.E.

His most celebrated wife was the beautiful Nefertari.

Ramses is considered to be the most important and well-known of all Egyptian pharaohs (also well-known, but less important, is Tutankhamen).

The mummy of Ramses the Great is on display in the Cairo Museum.

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