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Israelites Defeated by the Canaanites
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The Israelites are defeated by the Canaanites.
According to the Bible, Moses sent a member of each tribe to spy in Canaan. After forty days, the men returned with an unfavorable report. All but Joshua and Caleb stated that the land was populated by giants living in heavily fortified cities. These reports terrified the Israelites. When Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb tried to calm the people down, a blaze sent from God came from the Tabernacle, restoring the people to their senses.

Moses begged God to forgive the crowd. God did, but held that, excepting Caleb and Joshua, no living male Israelite then aged twenty years and older would ever enter the Promised Land. This would lead to another 38 years spent wandering in the wilderness.

But before embarking on their sojourn in the desert for an additional 38 years, the Israelites attempted to force their way through a mountain pass. This pass was held by a joint army of Canaanites and Amalekites, who bloodily repulsed the Israelite invaders. Click here to enlarge.
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