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History of the Ancient Hittites
Free Printable Outline for World History - Scroll down for PDF File to Print - Ancient Near East

    History of the Ancient Hittites - Printable outline (PDF file).   I.            Early history

a.       Little known about them until archaeological discoveries of early 20th century

b.      Migrated to Asia Minor (modern Turkey) from northern Europe circa 3000 BCE

     II.            First Hittite Empire

a.       1900 BCE

b.      Empire stretched from Aegean Sea to Euphrates River

  III.            Second Hittite Empire

a.       1500-1200 BCE

b.      Included Asia Minor, Palestine, and Syria

c.       Decline and fall

                                                               i.      Continuous warfare with Egypt

                                                             ii.      1200 BCE – conquered by northern barbarians

                                                            iii.      Eventually absorbed by Assyria

  IV.            Economy

a.       Link between Mesopotamia and western Asia

b.      Had monopoly on Armenian and European metals for hundreds of years

c.       Developed iron for tools and weapons

d.      Wealth from trade of gold, iron, lead, and silver

e.      Trade shown in numerous excavated clay tablets

     V.            Government

a.       Ruled by a king

b.      Heavily fortified city walls

c.       Written laws show Babylonian influence

  VI.            Art

a.       Crude

b.      Stone lions at city entrances

c.       Carvings of animals and warriors

VII.            Review questions

a.       Where was the Hittite empire located?

b.      What major contribution did the Hittites make to military warfare and world civilization?

c.       Describe the decline and fall of the Hittite empire.

d.      Describe Hittite art.

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