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Map of the Aurignacian Age in Europe
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The Aurignacian culture was located across southern Europe, into southwestern Asia.

These people are commonly known as Cro-Magnons, or European early modern humans.

Principal sites: (1) Eastern Spain; (2) Cantabria; (3) Pyrenees; (4) Aquitaine; (5) Burgundy; (6) Languedoc; (7) Provence; (8) Liguria; (9) Central Italy; (10) Adriatic; (11) Bosnia; (12) Slovenia; (13) Venice; (14) Meuse-Rhine; (15) Swabia; (16) Lower Austria; (17) Moravia; (18) Silesia; (19) Büuk Mountains; (20) Eastern Slovakia; (21) Transylvania; (22) Ukraine-Moravia; (23) Don Valley; (24) Crimea; (25) Greece, and (25) Levant.
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Map is modified. Source for the original is Wikimedia Commons.