Textbook Vocabulary Word Boxes - Free Printable ELA Worksheet
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Textbook Vocabulary Word Boxes
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This vocabulary terms worksheet is for use with textbooks in classes such as Science or World History.

In the first box, students write the chapter, section, and page number where the term was found.

In the next box, they write the term.

In the third box, they write the book definition of the term.

Next, they define the term in their own words.

Lastly, the students create some sort of illustration that better displays the meaning of the word for them.

So...what's the advantage of using this worksheet?

Students are not simply "copying and pasting" the textbook definitions.

They are instead forced to both "copy and paste" as well as think hard enough to rewrite the definition in a way that they more easily understand.

Visual learners are aided by their own visual aids, which also encourage students' creativity.

Click here for a free printable version (.pdf file) of this worksheet.

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