Halting the French Royal Family at Varennes, 1789 | Student Handouts
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French Royal Family at Varennes
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French Royal Family Halted at Varennes
Halting the royal family at Varennes, 1789. From a contemporary print. The royal family traveled in a great coach built for the purpose. The roads were bad, and the traveling carriage was heavy, but all went well until, at a point near Varennes, the king put his head out of the window and was recognized by the likeness of his features to the profile stamped on the French coins. The man who thus discovered the royal flight jumped on a horse, dashed into Varennes and roused the citizens to stop the coach. A messenger was dispatched to Paris, and shortly after, under the escort of members of the National Assembly, the royal family was compelled to return. Click here to enlarge this image.
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