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Declaration of Pillnitz (1791) DBQ Worksheet on the French Revolution

French Revolution Pop Quiz with 13 Multiple-Choice Questions

French Geography
"Their Majesties, the Emperor and the King of Prussia, having heard the wishes and representations of Monsieur, the Count of Artois, jointly declare that they view the situation in which the King of France currently finds himself as a subject of common interest for all of Europe's sovereigns. They hope that this interest cannot fail to be recognized by the powers from whom assistance is being requested. Consequently, jointly with their respective Majesties, they will use the most efficient means in relation to their strengths to place the King of France in a position to be totally free to consolidate the bases of a monarchical government that shall be as amenable to the rights of sovereigns as it is to the well-being of the French nation. In this case then, their said Majesties, the Emperor and the King of Prussia are resolved to act quickly, in mutual agreement, and with the forces necessary to achieve the proposed and common goal. Meanwhile, they shall issue their troops the necessary orders to prepare them for action."
Document-based questions: 1. Who wrote this document, and why? 2. Why were European monarchs willing to commit their own troops and resources to restoring France's Louis XVI to power? 3. Imagine that you are a member of the Third Estate who has embraced the ideals and actions of the French Revolution. How might you react to this document? Explain your answer. Click here to print.
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