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Global Political Revolutions Word Search Puzzle

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1.  An 1-2-19-15-12-21-20-5    13-15-14-1-18-3-8 has unlimited power.
2.  The House of 2-15-21-18-2-15-14 came to power in France when Henry IV came to throne in 1589.
3.  Landowning Russian nobles were known as 2-15-25-1-18-19.
4.  Russian emperors were called 20-19-1-18-19.
5.  Landowning nobles of Prussia and eastern Germany were known as  10-21-14-11-5-18-19.
6.  According to 4-9-22-9-14-5    18-9-7-8-20    20-8-5-15-18-25, monarchs are put in power by God to rule as representatives of God on earth.
7.  Peter the Great's policy of 23-5-19-20-5-18-14-9-26-1-20-9-15-14 was designed to modernize Russia along the lines of a European absolute monarchy.
8.  The partitions of 16-15-12-1-14-4, which took place between 1772 and 1795, were designed to balance power in eastern Europe between Austria, Prussia, and Russia.
9.  19-11-5-16-20-9-3-9-19-13 requires that claims be supported by evidence and investigation.
10.  In a monarchy, a 3-5-14-20-18-1-12-9-26-5-4 government means that the monarch has most of the power, and a 4-5-3-5-14-20-18-1-12-9-26-5-4 government means that nobles have most of the power.
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