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Global Absolutism Pictures and Maps
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Peter the Great As a Shipwright in Holland.  From a painting by Cogen.  Peter the Great went "undercover" throughout Europe, eager to learn firsthand the ways in which the nations of Europe surpassed Russia technologically (and in other ways).  Peter was impressed by what he found, and upon his return to Russia, he vigorously carried out his campaign of westernization.  Peter built a Western-facing city (St. Petersburg, later Petrograd, and later still, Leningrad).  Peter initiated numerous social reforms, including a beard tax on boyars (Russian nobles).  Peter's beard tax was an attempt to make the Russian nobility abandon its "medieval" styles in favor of more current European fashions.
Map of territorial gains under the Treaty of Westphalia, 1648.  Gains of Sweden, Brandenburg-Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, and France.  Including the countries made independent and the boundary of the Holy Roman Empire.
King Louis XIV of France
Map of Russian Conquests
Peter the Great of Russia as a Shipwright
Map of the Acquisitions of Louis XIV of France
Treaty of Westphalia Map
Battle of la Hogue
Louis XIV of France
Partitions of Poland
Siege of Magdeburg
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