Imperialism in East Asia History Outline | Student Handouts
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Imperialism in East Asia: Outline
 Imperialism in East Asia - Free Printable Outline for High School World History       I.            Geography

a.       Vast territory with rich history

b.      Natural resources

                                                               i.      Coal, oil, rubber, tin, etc.

c.       Raw materials and exports

                                                               i.      Rice, tea, silk, spices, etc.


      II.            Population

a.       World’s most populous region

b.      China – #1 in world population

c.       India -- #2 in world population

d.      Other countries – Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.


    III.            Foreign influences – early 19th to early 20th centuries

a.       Great Britain

                                                               i.      Burma, China, India, Malaya, New Guinea, Singapore, etc.

b.      Holland (Netherlands – the Dutch)

                                                               i.      East Indies

c.       France

                                                               i.      China and French Indochine (Indochina)

d.      Germany

                                                               i.      Pacific islands – Carolines, Marianas, Marshalls

                                                             ii.      Shantung peninsula

e.      Russia

                                                               i.      Siberia to the Pacific Ocean

                                                             ii.      Manchuria

f.        Japan

                                                               i.      Formosa

                                                             ii.      Manchuria

                                                            iii.      Korea


   IV.            Growing nationalism

a.       Increased during and after World War I

b.      Ideals of democracy, freedom, and nationalism increased with industrialization

c.       Largely independent following World War II

d.      “Hot spots” during the Cold War

                                                               i.      Korean War

                                                             ii.      Vietnam War

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