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Imperialism Maps and Pictures
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French Colonies before World War I
British Empire in 1914 Map
Map of Asia in 1914
At the moment of the unveiling of the Peary Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery, on April 6, 1922.  On the platform from right to left: The Secretary of State and Mrs. Hughes; William Howard Taft, the Chief Justice of the United States, who was President of the United States when the North Pole was discovered, and upon whose recommendation to Congress the explorer was created Rear-Admiral; the Ambassador of France and Mme. Jusserand, Dr. Gilbert Grosvenor, President of the National Geographic Society; the President of the United States and Mrs. Harding, Mrs. Robert E. Peary, Dr. E.W. Nelson, Captain Robert A. Bartlett, Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy, and Rev. Dr. Charles Wood.  Partly concealed by the flag (at the right) is Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  [Rear Admiral Robert Perry (1856-1920), Arctic explorer, first to reach the North Pole (1909).]
Conference between Perry and the Japanese shogun.
Map of French Colonies before World War I
Berlin Conference, 1884
Map of British Empire in 1914 and 1920
Map of Asia in 1914
Peary Memorial
Perry and the Japanese
Map of European Imperialism in Africa
Map of British Empire in India
Queen Victoria of England (Great Britain).  Victoria greeted as queen, painting by H.T. Wells, R.A.  The princess had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday when the king died, in June 1837.  The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lord Chancellor started at once to carry the news to the young sovereign.  They reached Kensington Palace in the early dawn and knocked for some time before they roused the sleepy porter.  When the door was opened they announced that they must see Victoria.  The answer was, "The princess is in such sweet slumber that we do not venture to disturb her."  Then the archbishop said, "We are come to see the queen on business of state."  Victoria did not wait to dress, but entered the room in a loose robe, her hair hanging down her back.  Her eyes were bright with tears as she listened to the announcement that she was the queen.
British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, about 1870.
Indian princes in the Durbar Procession.
Map of European Imperialism in Africa
Map of the British Raj in India, 1785-1900
Victoria Greeted as Queen
British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone
Indian Princes in the Durbar Procession, 1911
Cecil Rhodes Memorial
The End of Imperialism in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia
Snow Baby at Peary Memorial
Transportation, old and new, in China.  The Mongolian camel of caravan days is being replaced by American motor cars, as the picture shows.  Good roads and railroads are being built in China,  to meet modern conditions.  Photograph of Nationalist China and caption date to circa 1920.
View of the Peary Memorial looking northward toward the amphitheater.
The Secretary of the Navy voicing the nation's appreciation of the achievements of Rear-Admiral Robert E. Peary.  Discoverer of the North Pole (1909).
An Australian sheep farm, circa 1920.
End of Imperialism Chart
"Snow Baby" at Peary Memorial
Transportation in China, circa 1920
Peary Memorial
U.S. Secretary of the Navy at Peary Memorial
Australian Sheep Farm, circa 1920
House of Commons in session, 1920.
Canadian Senate Chamber, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1920.  The new parliament building, completed in 1920, takes the place of the former structure which was destroyed by fire in 1916.  The parliament, which includes French as well as English speaking members, is addressed in both languages.
British House of Commons, 1920
Canadian Senate Chamber in 1920
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