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Imperialism by J.A. Hobson (1902)
Free Printable Imperialism DBQ (Document-Based Question) Worksheet - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
Imperialism by J.A. Hobson (1902) - DBQ worksheet is free to print (PDF file).

"For Europe to rule Asia by force for purposes of gain, and to justify that rule by the pretence that she is civilizing Asia and raising her to a higher level of spiritual life, will be adjudged by history, perhaps, to be the crowning wrong and folly of imperialism. What Asia has to give, her priceless stores of wisdom garnered from her experience of ages, we refuse to take; the much or little which we could give we spoil by the brutal manner of our giving. This is what imperialism has done, and is doing, for Asia."
Directions: Answer the following questions based on the reading and your knowledge of social studies.
1. Does Hobson condone or condemn Western imperialism in Asia? Explain.
2. Imagine that you are a Westerner reading this excerpt at the turn of the last century. Would you be for or against imperialism? Explain.
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