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First Industrial Revolution Multiple-Choice Quiz
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First Industrial Revolution Multiple-Choice Pop Quiz - Free to print (PDF file) for high school World History students.
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This multiple-choice quiz on the First Industrial Revolution features 33 questions. Tip: Print just the first two pages on a sheet of paper for a 15-question pop quiz. Click here to print. Click here to print the answer key.
How much have you learned about the First Industrial Revolution? Take this quiz to find out. Select the best answer for each question.

1. The _____ was a fundamental change in the way goods were produced, from human labor to machines. a. assembly line b. Commercial Revolution c. Industrial Revolution d. steam engine 2. Which of the following statements is not true about the Industrial Revolution? a. Decline in factory-based manufacturing b. Increased use of metals and minerals c. Machines were invented which replaced human labor d. New energy sources were developed to power the new machinery 3. What term describes people leaving farms to live and work in cities? a. emigration b. immigration c. rural-to-urban migration d. suburbanization 4. Which of the following statements is not true about the domestic system of production (a.k.a. the putting-out system)? a. Businesspeople delivered raw materials to workers’ homes b. Businesspeople picked up finished goods and paid workers based on the number of items made c. Workers manufactured goods in their own homes using their own tools d. Workers manufactured products in large urban factories 5. What country is recognized as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution? a. France b. Germany c. Great Britain d. United States.
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