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Industrial Revolution Graveyard

Goal: Students will create individual tombstones marking the lives and achievements of leading inventors and innovators from the Industrial Revolution.  Together, these tombstones will form a classroom graveyard.

Instructions: Using a person from the list below, you will create an aesthetically pleasing (nice-looking) tombstone complete with the following information (written correctly):

·         Name of inventor/innovator

·         Nationality/Birthplace

·         Date of birth

·         Date of death

·         Three “bullet points” (facts) about her/his achievements

·         Epitaph (a brief piece of prose commemorating the deceased; can be a single sentence)

·         Illustration

List of Inventors and Innovators:
Abraham Darby
Alexander Graham Bell
Cyrus W. Field
Edward Cartwright
Eli Whitney
Elias Howe
George Stephenson
George Westinghouse
Gottlieb Daimler
Guglielmo Marconi
Henry Bessemer
Henry Cort
Henry Ford
Isaac Singer
James B. Hill
James Hargreaves
James Watt
John Ericsson
John Kay
John McAdam
John Smeaton
Lee de Forest
Leo Baekeland
Nikola Tesla
Orville Wright
Ottmar Mergenthaler
Richard Arkwright
Richard Hoe
Robert Fulton
Rudolf Diesel
Samuel Crompton
Samuel F.B. Morse
Samuel Slater
Thomas Edison
Thomas Newcomen
Thomas Telford
Vladimir Zworykin
Wilbur Wright
Industrial Revolution Graveyard Project - Free printable PDF with rubric and instructions. For high school U.S. History or World History students.
Click here for a printable version of this lesson plan sheet complete with instructions and grading rubric.
Teaching tip: Give the students copies of this sheet when explaining the assignment, highlighting on individual sheets each student's assigned inventor/innovator.  When tombstones are complete, have the kids turn in these sheets with their projects.  Then fill in the student's grades in the rubric table, making comments below as needed.  Tombstones are then displayed throughout the classroom, and completed sheets with grades are returned to the students.  This way, grade confidentiality is not compromised (as might happen if grades are placed directly on the displayed tombstones). 

These lesson plans can be completed in the span of a single class period, but most students will want extra time for inspiration (regarding the epitaph and aesthetic quality).
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