Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, France, 1893 | Student Handouts
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Boulevard des Italiens in Paris, France
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Boulevard des Italiens, Paris, France, 1893
This image of the Boulevard des Italiens in Paris, France, dates to 1893.

On the right bank of the Seine—the Paris West End, and something more—we find much greater concentration than in the West End of London. Here, indeed, all that is most important in the artistic, financial, and fashionable life of the capital may be found within a small compass.

The Théàtre Français is close to the Bourse, and the Bourse to the Boulevard des Italiens, which leads to the Opera by a line along which stand the finest hotels, the best restaurants in Paris. From the Opera it is no far cry to the Champs Élysées, the Hyde Park of Paris; while, going along the boulevards in the opposite direction, one comes step by step to a seemingly endless series of famous theatres. All the best clubs, too, all the best book-shops and music-shops, are to be found on the most fashionable part of the boulevard, extending from the Boulevard des Italiens, past the Opera House, to the adjacent Church of the Madeleine: architecturally a repetition of the Bourse, as though commerce and religion demanded temples of the same character. Click here to enlarge this image.
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