Arab Spring: Unrest in the Middle East, 2011 and On - Printable Discussion Worksheet
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Arab Spring Discussion Handout
Unrest in the Middle East, from 2011
Free Printable Worksheet for World History on Middle Eastern Conflict - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)
Recent events in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria, etc., have sparked discussions among teachers and students around the world. This free printable worksheet is designed to facilitate these discussions.
Arab Spring Discussion Handout: Unrest in the Middle East, from 2011 - Free to print (PDF file).
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Students use the worksheet to organize basic facts regarding a country--capital city (for basic geography knowledge), economy (to look at possible political differences between agricultural, industrial, etc., societies), international relations (looking at such questions as with what countries the particular country has international relations), dictator (who is the dictator and how long has the dictator been in power, how was power gained, how is power maintained), evidence of oppression (students will research news reports), and recent events (students look at what is happening in the news today).

The worksheet leaves plenty of room for students to look at countries other than those currently facing revolutions. This is done for purposes of comparison, as well as to give students tools for predicting future revolutionary movements.

Leading countries to examine include Egypt, Iran, Libya, and Tunisia. But what about Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, and the like? An educator might also have the students' own country analyzed for the sake of comparison.

Students may work individually, in groups, or as a class to complete the chart. The completed chart will ensure that each student has a base of knowledge in order to thoughtfully participate in a classroom discussion.

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