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Patterns of Change Writing Exercises Handouts
Free Printable Worksheets - Scroll Down to Print (PDFs) - World History - Modern Global Issues
Patterns of Change Writing Exercises Handouts - Free to print (PDF files) for high school World History students.
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Handout #1 - 1. Describe global migration patterns today. 2. Explain why opposition to global migration has arisen. 3. Imagine that Thomas Malthus were alive today. How might he react to the world’s growing population? Click here to print (PDF file).
Handout #2 - 1. Describe the growth of democracy in Latin America. 2. Weigh the pros and cons of increased modernization and urbanization in the developing world. 3. Worldwide, how have the rights and status of women decreased or increased since the dawn of the 20th century? Click here to print.
Handout #3 - 1. How have medical, scientific, and technological advances contributed to an increase in average life expectancy? 2. Compare and contrast modern global migrations and earlier migrations to the United States (circa 1870-1920). 3. How is overpopulation a problem in some areas, while depopulation is a problem in other areas? Click here to print.
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