Ottoman Empire Maps and Pictures | Student Handouts
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Ottoman Empire Maps and Pictures
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Map of the Growth of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, 1355-1683
Bobbing Boats of the Golden Horn, Turkey
Map of the Growth of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, 1355-1683
Turkish Cemetery of Eyoub
Busy Port of Stamboul (Istanbul)
Bobbing Boats of the Golden Horn
Whirling Dervishes
Turkish Porter - a "Hamal"
Gypsy Fortune Teller
Turkish House
Woman Street Sweeper
Russian Refugees Selling Cakes
Child Begging for Alms
Constantinople/Istanbul Map
Sketch Map of Constantinople
Adrianople Gate
Family of Beggars
Fountain of William II and Abdul Hamid
Golden Gate of Prophecy
Turkish Coffee Vendor
Turkish Shoemakers
Hagia Sophia
Dogs of Istanbul
Armenian Refugees in Constantinople
Public Letter-Writer
Jewel-case Palace
Constantinople Volunteer Firemen
Buyuk Mezaristan, the World's Largest Muslim Cemetery
Yeni Valideh Djami in Galata
Galata Bridge across the Golden Horn
Oxen Grazing in a Turkish Cemetery
Fruit Vendor
Missouri Mules As Part of American Relief Efforts
Yedi Kuleh Fortress
Ancient Roman Hippodrome and Egyptian Obelisk
Veiled Turkish Women
Principal Square of Anatolia Cavak
Russian Refugee Camp
Hagia Sophia
Robert College of Istanbul (Formerly the American College)
Turkish Cobbler
Russian Refugee
Golden Horn
Cooking and Washing in a Refugee Camp
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