Scientific Revolution Essay Questions | Student Handouts
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Scientific Revolution Essay Questions
Scientific Revolution Essay Questions - Worksheets are free to print (PDF files) for high school World History students.
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Handout 1: (1) How was the Scientific Revolution an extension of the Renaissance? (2) How did scientists approach problems during this time? How was this different from the way problems were approached in the past? (3) What did Nicolaus Copernicus contribute to scientific thinking and knowledge?
Handout 2: (1) Why are the period and its developments known as the Scientific Revolution? (2) What did Galileo Galilei contribute to scientific thinking and knowledge? (3) Describe the steps of the scientific method.
Handout 3: (1) How was the Scientific Revolution a threat to religious authorities? (2) Imagine that you are Galileo Galilei. Would you deny what you believed to be true? (3) What did Sir Isaac Newton contribute to scientific thinking and knowledge?
Handout 4: (1) Explain the scientific method. (2) How did Sir Isaac Newton illustrate the theory of gravity? (3) Compare and contrast the earth- and sun-centered theories of the universe. (4) Describe two advances of the Scientific Revolution. (5) Analyze two ways that modern life is made possible by the Scientific Revolution.
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