Ancient Civilizations of SW Asia Chart Worksheet
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Ancient Civilizations of SW Asia Chart Worksheet
This timeline chart worksheet provides important information on the civilizations and empires of the ancient Near East. By completing the questions contained on this worksheet, students become familiar with the content while honing their skills at reading and interpreting charts.

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Base your answers to the following questions on the chart and on your knowledge of social studies.

1. Gilgamesh was a leader of what ancient civilization?

2. List an important pharaoh of Egypt’s New Kingdom.

3. When was Lydia an active civilization?

4. Name two kings who ruled the ancient Israelites prior to Israel’s conquest by the Babylonians.

5. What was the first prominent civilization established in southwestern Asia?

6. Ancient Phoenicia bordered what major body of water?

7. The history of Egyptian civilization is divided into three major periods known as kingdoms. What happened in Egypt during the years between these kingdoms?

8. Ancient Persia is roughly equivalent to what modern country?

9. Assurbanipal ruled what ancient civilization?

10. Which civilization fell first--Akkadian or Hittite?