The Neolithic Revolution


Coloring Pages

Ancient Egyptian Soldiers Coloring Page - Printable coloring page featuring an image of ancient Egyptian soldiers; includes handwriting practice

Ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra Coloring Page - Printable coloring page featuring an image of the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra; includes handwriting practice

Ancient Assyria Coloring Map Worksheet - Coloring page for grades 2-4, including informational text and map work

Decipher the Code Puzzles

Decipher the Code - The Neolithic Revolution and Early River Valley Civilizations

Decipher the Code - Ancient Sumer I

Decipher the Code - Ancient Sumer II

DBQs: Document-Based Questions

DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Babylonian Votive Statue of circa 2450 BCE

DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - The Ten Commandments

Miscellaneous Worksheets

Ancient Egypt Terms - Worksheet featuring handwriting and spelling practice for terms related to ancient Egypt (pharaoh, Egypt, Nile River, hieroglyphics, pyramid, sphinx); for grades 1-3

3D Pyramid Project - Printable features a pyramid on which students write four facts they have learned about Egypt, then cut apart and asssemble the pyramid; works with any grade level learning about ancient Egypt


T-Chart - Features of Civilization: Egypt, Sumer, and the United States - Students complete a worksheet illustrating the existence of the principal features of civilization among these three societies


Timeline Chart Worksheet - Ancient Civilizations of Southwestern Asia

Writing Exercises

Writing Exercises - The Neolithic Revolution

Writing Exercises - Neolithic Revolution and Early Civilizations

Writing Exercises - Ancient Sumer



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