Ancient Sumer Decipher the Code Puzzle Worksheet 2 | Student Handouts
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Ancient Sumer - Worksheet #2
Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
Ancient Sumer - Code Puzzle Worksheet #2: Free to print (PDF file) for World History.
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1. 7-9-12-7-1-13-5-19-8 was a legendary hero of the Sumerians.
2. Sumer was located between the Tigris and 5-21-16-8-18-1-20-5-19 rivers.
3. A 8-9-5-18-1-18-3-8-25 is a way that people in a society rank themselves and others according to status.
4. Women maintained some legal 18-9-7-8-20-19 in Sumerian society.
5. A 26-9-7-7-21-18-1-20 was a Sumerian pyramid-temple.
6. Sumerian cuneiform was deciphered by Sir Henry 18-1-23-12-9-14-19-15-14 in 1846.
7. The Sumerians are credited with inventing the 1-18-3-8.
8. 13-5-19-15-16-15-20-1-13-9-1 is a Greek term meaning "between the rivers."
9. The Sumerians developed 1-19-20-18-15-14-15-13-25 so that they could create more accurate calendars.
10. The Epic of Gilgamesh includes a 6-12-15-15-4 story similar to the Judeo-Christian tale of Noah and his ark.
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