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Occupy Movement (2011 and On)
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Are your students following the Occupy Movement as they study recent events?  These images are here to provide an unbiased look at the movement.  We have kept our captions to a minimum, merely giving locations (and in some instances, transcribing hard-to-read protest signs).  What image do students have of this protest without journalistic input?  How is the Occupy Movement similar to and different from the Tea Party Movement?  What types of people are drawn to the Occupy Movement?  What is meant by the terms "1%" and "99%", and into which group do students fall?  What are the goals of this movement?  What do students predict will become of this movement? This movement began in New York City on September 17, 2011.
Occupy Union SquareYou Cannot Evict an Idea Whose Time Has Come - The Revolution Will Not Be Apologized For - Occupy - Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
Occupy Movement SignsInstructions: To be used by the 1% only--not to be used by anyone with a student, car or home loan. Nice protest; so long as y'all keep payin' the rent. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
Eviction Theatre SignOccupy Union Square Day Five - Friday - 11:30 PM Barricade Burlesque Show (Safe for Most Ages and Religions) - EVICTION THEATRE - Nightly at Midnight Watch as NYPD (Bloomie's private army) continues the selective enforcement of park rules and city laws in a feeble attempt to stop #occupy main. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
More Occupy Movement PostersYour life belongs to you and no one else - We are not meek because we love--because we have thus far refused to take up arms. It is not that we fear what might happen if we fight back, but because you are one of us, though you harm us every day. When all of us cease being afraid of what another world would look like and begin living it out now, then we would know the strength of love. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
We are the 99%We Are the 99% - Let Freedom Spring. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
The American DreamThe American Dream--to grow up, become president, and then kill people abroad! Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
Occupy ProtestersProtesters in Union Square Park at 14th Street in Manhattan, New York City. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
This revolution is not solely about...This revolution is not solely about putting an end to exploitation and oppression. We want to overthrow the prevailing culture. In our civilization it is acceptable for some of us to go hungry, never reach their full potential, feel stifled by custom, endure terrorism at the whims of the powerful due to the chance of birth. Some of us believe that this is not because of the evil acts of individuals, but because of a system in which all of us are complacent. Each act of love we share is the beginning of this new world where no one is left behind and all of us can be happy. Don't wait to live. REVOLT. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
Union Square Park at East 14th StreetUnion Square Park, looking west down Fourteenth Street. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012).
Union Square Park stepsUnion Square Park, looking north toward the steps. Union Square Park, NYC (3/23/2012)
Anarchist Film Festival Leaflet A variety of pamphlets, brochures, etc., were free to take. They (on 3/23/2012) were primarily published by: www.inourheartsnyc.org, www.occupytheory.org, and www.occupiedmedia.us.
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