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Mark Antony (83-30 B.C.E.) Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file). For high school World History students.
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Marcus Antonius, or Mark Antony, grandson of Antonius the orator, and son of Antonius Creticus, seems to have been born about 83 B.C.E. While still a child, he lost his father, whose example, however, had he been spared, would have done little for the improvement of his character. Brought up under the influence of the disreputable Cornelius Lentulus Sura, whom his mother had married, Antony spent his youth in profligacy and extravagance.

For a time, Mark Antony cooperated with the reprobate Clodius in his political plans. This was done chiefly, it is supposed, through hostility to Cicero, who had caused Lentulus, Antony’s stepfather, to be put to death as one of the Catiline conspirators. But Antony soon withdrew from the connection, on account of a disagreement which, appropriately enough, arose in regard to his relations to his associate's wife, Flavia.

Not long after, in 58 B.C.E., Antony fled to Greece, to escape the importunity of his creditors. At length, after a short time spent in attendance on the philosophers at Athens, he found an occasion for displaying some of the better features of his character, in the wars that were being carried on by Gabinius against Aristobulus in Palestine, and in support of Ptolemy Auletes in Egypt. ...

This free printable ten-page workbook features a biography of the celebrated Roman general and statesman, Mark Antony, interspersed with questions. Designed for grades seven through twelve. Click here to print.
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