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DIY Ouija Board Halloween Party Game Project for Kids
These scare us as much now as they did when we were kids! But by popular demand from many of you moms, we have created a DIY ouija game board that you can print at home. You can use almost anything to move around on the board as a planchette (a lens from a broken pair of eyeglasses can be fun).

I think you all remember how this is played! Everyone puts a finger on the game piece, and ghostly creatures (b.k.a. one or more of the people playing) move the piece around the board to spell out messages from beyond the grave. Spooky! FYI: At grown-up parties, these are fun to print up as placemats (reusable if you have a home laminating machine). Click here to print. Click here for more free Halloween printables, activities, games, puzzles, and worksheets.
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