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Map of Central American Volcanoes
Map of Volcanoes in Central America - Geography > Latin America > Central America
This map illustrates major volcanoes located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, just above the Isthmus of Panama.
Map of Central American Volcanoes
Volcanoes include: Acoyapa, Agua, Amatitlan, Atitian, Barba, Cacaguatique, Chinamete, Chiriqui, Conchagua, Coseguina, El Viejo, Fuego, Guatuzo, Irazu, Izalco, L. Nicaragua, Laguna, Masaya, Metapa, Miravalles, Mombaccho, Momotombo, Monterico, Ometepe, Orosi, Orota, Oyate, Pilas, Poas, Ramon, Rincon, San Miguel, San Miguelito, San Salvador, San Tomas, San Vicente, Santa Catarina, Santa Maria, Siguatepec, Sociedad, Soconusco, Sonsonate, Tajumulco, Tenorio, Titipapa, Turrialba, Ujun, and Votos.
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