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Famous Nutmeggers Word Search
Free Printable Word Search Puzzle on Famous People from Connecticut - Scroll Down to Print (PDF)

Students search for the names of famous people from Connecticut. People: Adam Clayton POWELL, Jr.; Annie LEIBOVITZ; Benedict ARNOLD; Benjamin SPOCK; Charles GOODYEAR; Charles IVES; Collis Potter HUNTINGTON; Dean ACHESON; Edwin LAND; Eileen FARRELL; Ethan ALLAN; Frederick Law OLMSTED; Harriet Beecher STOWE; Henry Ward BEECHER; John BROWN; John Pierpont MORGAN; Katharine HEPBURN; Kenneth OLSEN; Nathan HALE; Noah WEBSTER; Oliver ELLSWORTH; P.T. BARNUM; Robert HALL; Rosa PONSELLE; Samuel COLT. Click here for a printable version of this puzzle in .pdf format. Click here for the answer key. Click here for more of our free geography education materials related to the state of Connecticut.
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