Fifty States Flashcards for Educational Board Game
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Fifty States Flashcards for Game
Free Printable Flashcards for Study Game - World Geography - North America - United States of America
Fifty States Flashcards for Study Game - Free to print (PDF file).
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There are ten sheets of printable cards.

Each sheet features five states.

Each state has two questions: one on the capital city, and one on the most populous city.


Print the sheets (we recommend using card stock for durability).

Cut apart the cards.

Students can be quizzed one-on-one.

You can also use these cards to play a classroom or family board game.

Click here or here for a free printable game board. Click here to print game cards for state capital cities only. Alternate printable cards: Alabama through Georgia, Hawaii through Maryland, Massachusetts through New Jersey, New Mexico through South Carolina, South Dakota through Wyoming.