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American 50 States Charades
Free Printable Game Cards for U.S. Geography Charades - Social Studies Worksheets
50 States Charades - Free Printable Game CardsThis game is great for parties, high-absenteeism days, and snow days at home.

It's similar to traditional charades mixed with Password.

Players partner up on numerous teams, or form two larger teams. 

One player from a partnership/team draws a card with the name of a U.S. state or territory.

Without giving away the state or territory's name, the player gives clues until his/her partner/teammates is able to guess the answer correctly.

For example, a player draws "Ohio."

The player might say things like:

"The buckeye state!"

"Toledo, Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati!"

You get the idea.

It seems fairly easy, since pretty much everyone knows the 50 states.

But you'd be surprised how easily stumped you may get!

There are a total of 3 sheets here, with 20 name cards per sheet (57 names, with three blank cards).

Print them out, cut them apart, and throw them into a fish bowl.  Let the game begin!

Click here to print (PDF file). For more freebies for U.S. Geography classes, click here.
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