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Ancient Rome Picture & Map Gallery
Historical Image Gallery of Pictures and Maps for World History Teachers and Students
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Gladiators before the emperor.
Map.  Imperial Rome.
Tortoise Formation
Vercingetorix before Caesar.
Romans compelling captives to pass under the yoke.
Captive Ancient Goths.
Gladiators before the Emperor
Map of Imperial Rome
Tortoise Formation
Vercingetorix before Caesar
Passing under the Yoke
Captive Goths
Appian Way and the ruins of the Claudian Aqueduct.
Fabrician Bridge over the Tiber.
Map of the seven hills of Rome.
A Roman triumph.
Antony and Cleopatra.
Interior and plan of a Roman house, restoration.
Appian Way and Claudian Aqueduct
Fabrician Bridge over the Tiber River
Map of the Seven Hills of Rome
Roman Triumph
Antony and Cleopatra
Interior and Plan of a Roman House
Roman school scene, bas-relief from a tombstone.
Development of the alphabet.
Map of Roman dominions at the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BCE.
Ancient Rome.
Map of the Roman Empire, 376 A.D./C.E. and Teutonic (Germanic) migrations.  Barbarian invasions and migrations across Europe.
Roman street scene.  Painting by Boulager.
Scene from a Roman School
History of the Alphabet
Roman Empire Map of 44 B.C.E.
Cityscape of Ancient Rome
Roman Empire Map of 376 C.E.
Roman Street Scene
Map of the Punic Wars.
Christian martyrs in the arena.
Map of the Battle of the Metaurus.
Map of Roman dominions in the time of Emperor Trajan.
School of Vestals.
Map of the Battle of Actium.
Punic Wars Map
Christian Martyrs in the Roman Arena
Battle of the Metaurus Map
Roman Empire Map of 98-117 C.E.
School of Vestal Virgins
Battle of Actium Map
Julius Cæsar.
Triumphal Arch of Emperor Constantine, Rome.
Map of the Germanic kingdoms and the East Roman empire in 526 C.E./A.D.
Julius Caesar
Emperor Constantine's Triumphal Arch
Barbarian Kingdoms and Eastern Roman Empire Map of 526 C.E.
Hannibal Crossing the Rhone
Scipio Africanus Major
Caius Marius.
Julius Cæsar.
Marc Antony.
Generosity of Scipio Africanus Major
Gaius Marius
Gaius Marius on the Ruins of Carthage
Julius Caesar
Ides of March
Mark Antony
Circus scene.
Army on horse.
Hermann's Triumph over the Romans
Emperor Trajan
Rome under Trajan: A Chariot Race
Christian Martyr in the Roman Colosseum
Ancient Roman Army
The Victims of Galerius.
Forces of Alaric the Bold
A Roman trireme (reconstruction).
Italy Map
Victims of Galerius
Forces of Alaric the Bold
Alaric the Bold in Athens
Roman Trireme
Last Gladiatorial Contest
Topographical Map of Ancient Italy
Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar
Ancient Roman Hippodrome and Egyptian Obelisk in Turkey
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