Napoleon at Austerlitz by Simon (1810) | Student Handouts
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Napoleon at Austerlitz
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "B" Names > Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
The Battle of Austerlitz by Francois Pascal Simon (1810)
The Battle of Austerlitz by Francois Pascal Simon (1810). This painting hangs at Versailles. The Battle of Austerlitz was fought on December 2, 1805 (11 Frimaire An XIV FRC). It is also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, with Napoleon's Grande Armée victorious over Alexander I of Russia (who led Russian and Austrian troops) and Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire. It is considered to be Bonaparte's greatest military victory. The battle took place near the town of Austerlitz, then part of the Austrian Empire (modern-day Slavkov u Brna in the Czech Republic). Click here to enlarge this image.
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