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Charlemagne (742-814 CE)
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Charlemagne was the son of Pepin the Short. Already king of the Franks (France), Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor in 800. He was the first person to have this distinction. The "Carolingian Renaissance" that marked Charlemagne's rule served to help forge a European identity and encourage some level of unity.
  Coronation of Charlemagne   Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor.   Charlemagne at Witikind's baptism.   Charlemagne Biography Workbook   Map of Europe in 814 C.E.  
  Coronation of Charlemagne   Charlemagne, the First Holy Roman Emperor (742-814 CE)   Charlemagne at Witikind's Baptism   Charlemagne Biography Workbook for High School   Map of Europe in 814 C.E., at the Death of Charlemagne  
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