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Saint Patrick Biography Workbook
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Saint Patrick Biography Workbook - Free to print (PDF file).
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Saint Patrick (372-466): Learn all about this famous Christian missionary who is credited with bringing this faith to Ireland in the early Middle Ages. Did you know that Patrick wasn't his real name? Did you know that he wasn't born in Ireland? Did you know that he did not originally choose to come to Ireland, but was forced to...twice?

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Answer Key: 1 Succat 2 A - Calphurnius 3 C - Scotland Christianity 5 Confession 6 Twice 7 He wanted to work in Ireland as a missionary 8 France 9 One of the islands off the coast of Dublin 10 Dichu 11 Patrick would have the sovereignty of Ireland forever 12 Crom-cruach 13 Pagans believed the sun was self-originated, while Christians believed the sun was created by God 14 Answers will vary 15 Secundinus, Auxilius, and Isserninus 16 10th century 17 Armagh 18 Answers will vary 19 B - Dublin 20 D - Thames 21 United Kingdom 22 C - Sligo 23 North Atlantic Ocean 24 B - English Channel 25 E - eminence 26 D - ecclesiastic 27 O - zeal 28 M - servitude 29 K - ordained 30 F - extraction 31 C - consternation 32 B - chieftain 33 L - provincial 34 A - captivity 35 H - incursions 36 G - dwelt 37 I - indignation 38 J - missionary 39 N - tempestuous.