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This 14-page workbook is part of our World History Workbook Series. "The European Renaissance" focuses on the advances in art and literature that took place during the period running roughly from 1400 until 1700 in Europe, as well as on the socio-economic factors that fueled the Renaissance.
European Renaissance Workbook - Free to print (PDF file, 14 pages) for high school World History students.
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Like the other workbooks in this series, chunks of easy-to-follow informational text are full of fascinating, important facts that will intrigue high school students. Interspersed throughout the text are numerous questions and activities, ranging from basic recall, to critical thinking, to activities and puzzles.

Our student workbooks provide learners the opportunity to learn independently. Parents or teachers introduce the topic, then give students the workbook to read and complete. After the workbook has been completed, students have acquired the necessary comprehensive content knowledge to competently discuss the topic with educators and others, and will be motivated to branch their study of the topic into other related lines of inquiry. Works great as a stand-alone item or as a supplement to a larger unit.

Many educators have simultaneously praised our workbook formatting as ideal for use by struggling readers who have trouble with reading comprehension, and for use by younger gifted students in need of supplemental intellectual stimulation. Click here to print.
Answer Key: 1 rebirth; 2 B - False; 3 Florence, Genoa, and Venice; 4 Muslim caliphates of Asia and Africa; 5 Marco Polo; 6 Rome; 7 patrons; 8 B - False; 9 Johann Gutenberg; 10 D - William Caxton; 11 B - False; 12 C - The Divine Comedy; 13 B - The Canterbury Tales; 14 A - Don Quixote; 15 Answers will vary; 16 C - Giovanni Boccaccio; 17 Niccolo Machiavelli; 18 Thomas More; 19 William Shakespeare; 20 B - Michelangelo; 21 Leonardo da Vinci; 22 Albrecht Durer; 23 Rembrandt; 24 Hals; 25 Palestrina; 26 Jacopo Peri; 27 A - Arabic; 28 Copernicus; 29 Galileo; 30 Scientific Revolution; 31 Christopher Columbus; 32 Answers will vary.
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