America: Her Patriotic Stories and Exciting Events (1898)
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America: Its Patriotic Stories and Exciting Events
True and Thrilling Incidents Relating to the Progress and Achievements of the United States of America - For Students in Grades 4-6

Before Columbus
Period of European Discovery
Early European Settlements
American Revolution
The American Nation
Antebellum America
The Civil War
Late Nineteenth Century
Spanish-American War
United States Government
The Early Twentieth Century
This antique educational children's book is transcribed here for several reasons. Despite its age, it retains educative value for children. Firstly, many of the texts are as accurate and informative as they were when originally written well over a century ago. Secondly, these texts provide insight into what children of the late 19th century were taught. Where prudent, we have updated and modernized the text.

Based on Prof. Allen E. Fowler's Young People's Complete History of the United States, Home and School Edition, A.B. Kuhlman & Co., Chicago, Ill., Copyrighted by K.T. Boland, 1898.

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