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General Trivia Game Question Cards
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General Trivia Game Question Cards - Fifty questions total. Free to print (PDF files).
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Sample questions:

Fletcher Christian led a mutiny against what captain near Tahiti, in 1789? Captain William Bligh.

Death by boiling was introduced by what king of England? Henry VIII.

What product was banned from advertising on television, in 1971? Cigarettes.

What large Spanish-speaking country borders the southwestern United States? Mexico.

The 15 judges of the World Court are elected by what organization? The United Nations.

What place is known for the highest temperatures recorded in the United States? Death Valley.

What timesaving kitchen device stole the show when it premiered at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago? The dishwasher.

What landscaping tool was invented by Edwin Budding in the 1820s? The lawnmower.

What king of England legalized the killing of gypsies? Henry VIII.

Who was issued a patent for the first flushing toilet, in the eighteenth century? Alexander Cummings.

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These can be used with our free printable game boards, available here and here.
www.student > Study Games > Printable Learning Games > Board Games