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Class Reward Spelling Game
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Class Reward Spelling Game - Free to print (PDF file) with complete instructions.
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Here is a fun classroom rewards game that will not cost you anything.
#1 Print out two sets of these sheets. We recommend one set on white paper, and one set on colored paper. (The contrast makes it easier to see, at a glance, how much progress has been made.)

#2 Cut apart the letters on the colored sheets and place them into a bag or jar.

#3 Cut apart the whole phrases on the white sheets (such as "movie day") and place them on the board. You might want to laminate these sheets first for durability.

#4 When a child does something extraordinarily well, that child gets to pull a letter from the jar and place it over a corresponding letter on the board.

#5 When a reward has been completely spelled, the class gets to do the reward.

Benefits: (1) Free for the teacher! (2) Students get credit for individual merit. (3) All students ultimately benefit, and therefore are predisposed to encourage their classmates to do well and earn letters.
Tip: Don't like a reward? Leave it out! You don't have to use all of them.
CASUAL CLOTHES - This works if your students must normally wear a school uniform. Check with the principal first.

CLASS PARTY - You don't have to spend a lot. Bring a bag of pretzels and let the kids talk and play games.

COSTUME PARTY - The kids get to dress up in costumes.

DANCE PARTY - Kids will want this, but...shocker!...very few will dance. Be sure to check the ratings on any songs the kids select beforehand.

DOGGY DAYCARE - This works if you have a cute (and non-biting) dog, and if none of your students are allergic. The idea is pretty simple. You bring in the dog, and kids get to take it out to do its business, get to feed it, etc.

DRESS THE TEACHER - Your students will find this hilarious. They get to put silly hats, scarves, buttons, etc., on the teacher, which the teacher must wear throughout the school day.

FACE PAINTING - This one works if you know how to paint faces.

FREE CHOICE - The kids get to come up with their own idea.

GUM DAY - Yeah! Everyone gets to chomp away in class!

KARAOKE - Kids have to request songs in advance. The teacher either uses a free online karaoke program, or finds YouTube videos that feature lyrics. As with any popular music played in class, check the ratings first to screen out explicit content.

MOVIE DAY - Self-explanatory.

MUSIC DAY - Self-explanatory. But again, screen explicit content beforehand. Tip: Give each student an index card and have them request a couple of songs. You'll have them lined up in your musuc player beforehand. This way, you can hit "shuffle" and avoid having kids shout to hear their song next. Songs can be played during lunch (spent in the classroom), during recess, etc.

PIRATE DAY - This might cost a little, if you buy pirate patches, etc., at your local discount store. Be prepared to talk like a pirate.

PIZZA PARTY - This could cost you, unless you warn the kids ahead of time that they'll each have to chip in a few dollars.

RECESS - Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

SHOW AND TELL DAY - Kids love this, but never get to do it anymore. The old rules (nothing living, nothing dangerous) apply.

SNACKING IN CLASS - Kids can bring in Pringles and pop pop pop and never stop (until the final bell rings).

TALENT SHOW - Kids sign up to perform individually or in groups. Consider awards for things like: Best Group Performance, Best Solo Performance, Coolest Talent, Weirdest Talent, etc.
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