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Rain, Rain, Go Away
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Rain Rain Go Away - Free Printable Worksheet for Kids (PDF File)
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"Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day."  Students read, trace, and write. Click here to print.
Teachers can use the nursery rhyme "Rain, Rain, Go Away" in an educational setting to engage young children in various learning activities. Here are some ways to incorporate this rhyme into the classroom.

Weather and Seasons Lesson: Use the nursery rhyme as a starting point for discussing weather and seasons. Talk about rainy days, sunny days, and how the weather changes throughout the year.

Visual Aids: Show images or illustrations of rainy weather to help children visualize the concept of rain. This can be especially useful for young learners.

Vocabulary Building: Introduce weather-related vocabulary words such as rain, clouds, umbrella, and sunshine. Encourage students to use these words in sentences related to the nursery rhyme.

Craft Activities: Plan craft activities where students create rain-themed artwork or decorate umbrellas. This can be a fun way to reinforce the theme of the rhyme.

Math Activities: Use the rhyme's counting aspect ("One, two, three, four, five") to introduce or reinforce counting skills. You can have students count objects related to rain, such as raindrops, clouds, or umbrellas.

Science Exploration: Discuss the science behind rain and the water cycle. You can also perform simple weather-related experiments or observations.

Dramatic Play: Set up a dramatic play area where students can pretend to be in different weather conditions, including rainy days. Provide props like umbrellas and raincoats.

Songs and Music: Sing the rhyme together, and consider adding music and movement to make it more engaging. You can also explore other weather-related songs and rhymes.

Literacy Activities: Encourage students to create their own rainy day stories or poems. They can draw illustrations to go along with their written work.

Weather Journals: Have students keep weather journals where they record daily weather conditions. You can use the rhyme to spark discussions about the day's weather.

Group Discussions: Engage students in group discussions about their experiences with rainy days. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings about different weather conditions.

Calendar Activities: Use a calendar to track the weather each day. Discuss how weather affects our daily lives and routines.

Cultural Exploration: Explore how different cultures view and experience rain. Discuss rain-related traditions or celebrations from various parts of the world.

Outdoor Activities: If safe and possible, take students outside to observe and experience rainy weather firsthand. This can be a memorable and sensory-rich learning experience.

Multilingual Learning: If your class includes students who speak different languages, explore how the nursery rhyme is expressed in various languages. This promotes cultural awareness and language appreciation.

Using nursery rhymes like "Rain, Rain, Go Away" in the classroom can make learning enjoyable and relatable for young children. It provides a familiar and fun context for exploring various educational concepts while nurturing their creativity and curiosity about the world around them.
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