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Mali Empire History Outline
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Mali Empire History Outline - Free to print (PDF file). For high school World History classes.
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This outline provides an overview of the Mali Empire's history, including its origins, key rulers, socio-economic structure, decline, and lasting legacy in African history. It can serve as a foundation for in-depth research and studies of this influential West African empire.

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I. Introduction to the Mali Empire
a. Location and geographical context
b. Timeline and historical significance

II. Predecessors of the Mali Empire
a. Ghana Empire
b. Founding myths and legends
c. Rise of Mali under Sundiata Keita

III. The Reign of Sundiata Keita (c. 1230 - 1255)
a. Establishing Mali's territorial boundaries
b. Sundiata's leadership and governance
c. Conversion to Islam

IV. The Reign of Mansa Musa (c. 1312 - 1337)
a. The Hajj to Mecca and the legend of Mali's wealth
b. Musa's promotion of Islam and scholarship
c. The construction of Timbuktu and other cities

V. Mali's Political and Economic Structure
a. Feudal system and the role of clans
b. Gold and salt trade
c. The importance of the Niger River

VI. Decline and Fall of the Mali Empire
a. Succession conflicts and internal strife
b. The rise of the Songhai Empire
c. Portuguese explorers and the decline of trans-Saharan trade

VII. The Legacy of the Mali Empire
a. Cultural achievements and the spread of Islam
b. Influence on neighboring African kingdoms
c. The preservation of manuscripts in Timbuktu

VIII. Timbuktu and its Contribution to Scholarship
a. The Sankore University
b. The collection and preservation of African manuscripts
c. Intellectual and cultural exchange

IX. Modern Rediscovery and Preservation of Mali's History
a. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mali
b. Efforts to safeguard and promote Mali's historical heritage
c. Importance of Mali's history in the context of African heritage
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