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Metternich Era PowerPoint
PowerPoint Presentation for High School World History/European History - Reactionary Period in Europe
Metternich Era PowerPoint Presentation for High School World History
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"The Era of Metternich" PowerPoint Presentation - 12 slides with 6 review questions - Version: PPT | PPTX | PDF | Handout with Student Notes
Prince Klemens von Metternich: Living symbol of reaction, Designed the Quadruple Alliance, Opposed all changes except restoration of the Old Regime; New Popular Terms: Conservative--person opposed to change; Liberal--person favoring gradual change; Radical--person favoring quick change that gets to the root of the matter; Discouraged Democratic and Nationalistic Movements: Quadruple Alliance and Concert of Europe suppressed revolts; Spy network used to uncover revolutionary activity; Strict censorship of education, the press, and speech, etc.
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