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The Maurya Empire of India
Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
Maurya Empire of India - Free printable decipher-the-code puzzle worksheet for high school World History students.
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1. The Mauryan Empire of India was founded by 3-8-1-14-4-18-1-7-21-16-20-1 Maurya in 321 BCE.
2. At the beginning of the 4th century BCE, Chandragupta Maurya defeated 19-5-12-5-21-3-21-19, a general of Alexander the Great.
3. 13-5-7-1-19-20-8-5-14-5-19 served as the ambassador of Seleucus to the Mauryan Empire.
4. 11-1-21-20-9-12-25-1 was Chandragupta's chief adviser.
5. Kautilya wrote the 1-18-20-8-1-19-1-19-20-18-1, a guidebook for ruling an empire.
6. Chandragupta Maurya's grandson, 1-19-15-11-1, came to the Mauryan throne in 269 BCE.
7. In his guilt over the deaths caused by his military campaigns, Asoka turned to 2-21-4-4-8-9-19-13.
8. Asoka supported a policy of 18-5-12-9-7-9-15-21-19   20-15-12-5-18-1-20-9-15-14, meaning that people would be treated fairly regardless of their religious beliefs.
9. The 1-14-4-8-18-1 dynasty came to power in central India following the death of Asoka in 232 BCE.
10. The people of southern India, an area the Mauryans never conquered, spoke the 20-1-13-9-12 language.
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