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Joseph in Egypt
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Joseph made ruler over Egypt.
According to the Old Testament, Joseph, a son of Jacob and Rachel, was his father's favorite.  Jealous of Joseph's famous "coat of many colors," the brothers feigned his death, and sold him into slavery.  After many years, trials, and tribulations in Egypt, Joseph eventually arose as an important official in the pharaoh's government.  Joseph foresaw a famine, and built up ample stores.  This very famine brought Joseph's brothers to Egypt to buy grain.  Joseph soon enough forgave them and provided for them.  The family stayed in Egypt, being granted lands in the province of Goshen by the pharaoh.  This explains the presence of the chosen family in Egypt.  On his deathbed, Joseph demanded that his embalmed body be entombed in Canaan only when the Israelites should leave Egypt (which was done under the later leadership of Moses). Click here to enlarge.
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