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Classical Civilizations Decipher-the-Code Puzzle Worksheet
Decipher the Code Puzzle Worksheet - Scroll Down to Print - Social Studies > Social Studies Worksheets
Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
Classical Civilizations Decipher-the-Code Puzzle Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for junior or senior high school Social Studies.
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1) The 20-18-9-2-21-14-5-19 were representatives of the plebeians in ancient Rome.
2) 19-1-14-19-11-18-9-20 was the language of the Aryans who invaded India.
3) The Great Wall is located in 3-8-9-14-1.
4) 3-21-12-20-21-18-1-12   4-9-6-6-21-19-9-15-14 is the spread of customs, ideas, and technologies from one people to another.
5) The 13-1-14-4-1-20-5   15-6 8-5-1-22-5-14 was the Chinese belief in the divine right of emperors.
6) The 20-23-5-12-22-5   20-1-2-12-5-19 were ancient Rome's written laws.
7) 1-20-8-5-14-19 was a democratic Greek city-state.
8) A 4-25-14-1-19-20-25 is a family of rulers.
9) 15-12-9-7-1-18-3-8-25 is rule by wealthy elites.
10) 19-15-3-18-1-20-5-19 was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens.
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